Thursday, 6 October 2005

Brotherly Block-Rockin' Beats::

Music Reviews

It's two-fer Thursday! I'm looking back a bit here, so bear with me.

light show
The Chemical Brothers in concert at the Zénith de Paris

Besides giving me an iPod for Christmas, Heather gave me tickets to a concert for my birthday. Not just any concert, but one I'd been gabbing about for some time: The Chemical Brothers. I was good boy.

Mind you, the concert was in February, so this entry is hardly news - but the concert was cool. Being the old people we were, Heather and I sat. But the show didn't have any reserved seating (aside from VIP seats that were pretty crappy, actually), and we ended up with a great view of the stage. Unless we'd been at the front of the standing crowd - crushed by sweaty, bouncing bodies, oh fun! - we couldn't have done better.

What can I say? The music was great, and so was the light show. Heather hadn't heard a lot of their music, but recognized a lot of songs, so the tickets turned out to be a good investment for her too. We had a blast.

during the last song, Brother Screen reminded us to get outside more often

But since there isn't much to say, I'll just leave you with the pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. Pretty, animated ones. Listen to the sound of my voice. You are getting sleepy. Very sleepy. Feeling like, you could send me all your money. Aside from a nebulous feeling of generosity towards me, you'll remember nothing after I snap my fingers...


More after the jump...

the band onstage
the band onstage at the end of the show
Heather and me
post-show portrait of geek and companion (now, guess which is which)

And now... My attempt at simulating the frenzied, pulsing, head-warping experience that was the concert. In low-fi snapshot sequences, with no sound. Oh, you lucky, lucky reader, you!

soldiers and robots
soldiers and robots - suppose that was an attempt at an analogy? nahhh...
light show
despite the limits of animated GIFs, this still looks pretty cool - just imagine if you'd been there, eh?
scary clown
although clowns are the very essence of scary, they too love them some good fat beats
crowd and screen
this woman was scared, though I don't think it was because of the crowd. but who knows?
light show
this searchlight ended up looking like a train coming at you. but that's good, because that's the rush the music gave. I'm ever so clever.
light show
smiling faces and random lights - and no pithy comments from me
crowd of people
the ginormous crowd filing by our seats as it leaves
[ 11:32 PM on Thursday, 6 October 2005 ]


Evan [ 10:53 PM on Wednesday, 12 October 2005 ]

The low-res of the images maybe more interesting with the flipping than if they were high-res. Looks cool to me.

John [ 7:56 PM on Thursday, 20 October 2005 ]

It was less a question of resolution (that's my camera's fault) and more about the color fidelity. Animated GIFs only allow 256 colors for all the frames together. But I'm glad someone likes 'em!

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