Thursday, 27 October 2005

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It seems like a lot of landmarks and major events this year have taken place on the 14th of a month. I proposed to Heather on 14 August. That marked the anniversary of when we met (and almost exactly six months after our Valentine's Day weekend in Florence). There was 14 October, when I applied for French citizenship.

So you can imagine that it came as sort of a surprise that yesterday should be such a pivotal day.

Heather and I have been looking for an apartment for a while now. We took the last two Fridays off of work in order to visit some places. I took photos - except for the second place, which I regret not doing even though it wasn't at all to our taste.

Shortly into our search (after only seeing two places) - and totally by chance - Heather went to a salon for expatriate resources. There, she met met partners from an apartment hunting agency. Heather got a good vibe from them, and I liked what I read. So we decided to hire them (very smart idea, Heather!).

49, rue Nollet (click for more)

Well, yesterday morning we got a call from our agent, Tanya. She had a place that she wanted us to see that very moment, if possible. Heather and I met up nearby, and visited the place.

Wow, easily the best place we've seen so far. It was the first place that Tanya found for us, and it may be the last.

That's right: Heather and I are going to buy this apartment on rue Nollet.

Yesterday we entered into preliminaries, signing a offer which, if accepted, leads to our signing a formal offer. Next week, once she returns from her vacation, we will meet with the owner (along with the French-required notaires, the real estate agent, and Tanya) to sign a promesse de vente.

Seven days after that, we'll formally be in the real process. The waiting period is to ensure you don't make any snap judgments - and believe me, at the prices in the Paris market, you wouldn't want to be locked into a bad decision. During the time that follows, we have to lock in a bank loan and loan insurance - all that good stuff.

But those are boring details for the moment. Nothing tangible now, no worries yet. The feeling is great: We may have found our first home together.

[ 6:56 PM on Thursday, 27 October 2005 ]


Evan [ 3:01 AM on Saturday, 29 October 2005 ]

Congrats on the purchase! The place looks good.

But - having looked it up dans mon practique?, mon practique?, de mon practique? - oh, whatever - I'm not sure you can easily get to the Moose, Highlander or our other favourite watering holes.

Your cross street's de La Condamine?

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