Friday, 28 October 2005

Röyksopp's Night Out::

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Hit a bit (oh, just a tiny bit) by the shell shock of starting the process to buying an apartment, I didn't write yesterday about our latest concert experience.

Wednesday night, the same day as finding the apartment, Heather and I went to see Röyksopp. They played the Élysée Montmartre, the same place we saw Zero 7 last year.

The show was good, nothing remarkable. I really like Röyksopp's music - at least, the first album (I don't have the second one) - but there's very little an electronica group can do to impress. Well, there's always a big light show, but not everyone is loaded with money. Certainly not these two Norwegian geeks (and I mean that in the kindest way. Also the "geek" part).

I was surprised to find that the female vocals were done live; often, a woman's voice is sampled. This was cool to find out for "Sparks," a song with a somewhat retro-sound to the vocals. I'd always assumed it was a sample from an old record. On the other hand, the singer (Anneli Drecker) was overly camp while she vamped - to the point of being corny. Congrats to her for doing a tour while five months pregnant, that's some stamina.

Also cool to discover was that a lot of the percussion was live. The drum kit was virtual (except for a lone cymbal), but the half of the duo who played the drum pads really went at it with full vigor. I tried hard to capture it in a photo, but wasn't successful.

All in all, a solid show. Röyksopp played almost their full catalog (at least as far as I could tell), including some tracks not on their albums (I knew they were old, a friend said that they're not included on the second album). Better yet, they played all of my favorites - including a couple of great reworked songs (hard to call live versions "remixes"). Not bad for an earnestly geeky duo and their two backups (vocals and guitar).

[ 6:01 PM on Friday, 28 October 2005 ]


brian [ 9:32 PM on Thursday, 10 November 2005 ]

ooh. Anneli Drecker. jealousy. (glad you finally filled some of us in about the existence of the blog. ;)

John [ 10:28 PM on Thursday, 10 November 2005 ]

Argh! And I didn't take one photo of Anneli Drecker - not a single one!

Can you believe that I didn't know that it was *the* Anneli Drecker of Bel Canto? One of my top five favorite groups of all time, and I didn't realize that I had the lead singer right in front of me. Arrrgh!

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